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Domaine JC Courtault Interview

Domaine JC Courtault and Domaine Michelet in Lignorelles

Welcome to the sunny side of Chablis. Or at least to the slightly warmer part of the Chablis area. Lignorelles, one of the many villages of the Chablis area, always harvest early.

– The vineyards around Lignorelles warm up quite quickly, explains Stéphanie Michelet at [...]

Domaine Philippe Colin Interview

Domaine Philippe Colin in Chassagne-Montrachet

Philippe Colin in Chassagne-Montrachet is a big fan of terroir. Every year he produces between 20 and 25 different wines. If he could, he would do more.

– I work a lot with terroir, he says. Each terroir, each plot, is very different. We have six-seven Chassagne-Montrachet premier crus in the family and it is very important to [...]

Domaine Gérard Mugneret Interview

Domaine Gérard Mugneret in Vosne-Romanée

In 2005 Pascal Mugneret took on the family domaine in Vosne-Romanée – Domaine Gérard Mugneret. A decade later he is still exploring, still learning.

– One grower here in Vosne-Romanée told me it takes ten years before you understand what you are doing. That is not quite true. I would say it is more like 15 years, Pascal Mugneret smiles. [...]

Domaine Sylvain Pataille Interview

Domaine Sylvain Pataille in Marsannay

Sylvain Pataille is a passionate man. Mention Marsannay and he will spend hours sharing his wealth of knowledge.

– Of course, I could have had other appellations as well, but Marsannay is enough for me. It would be pretentious to say it is the best appellation. I prefer being [...]

Domaine Philippe Garrey Interview

Domaine Philippe Garrey in Saint-Martin-sous-Montaigu

At the southern end of the vast Mercurey appellation is the small village of Saint-Martin-sous-Montaigu. This is where you’ll find Domaine Philippe Garrey, the first grower in the Côte Chalonnaise to become certified biodynamic back in 2011.

– It’s a small domaine, says Philippe Garrey. Only 4,5 hectares. Most of the time I [...]

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Domaine Michel Gros
Domaine Michel Gros

How the Wild West was won - Burgundy style

This is the story about how the Wild West was won - Burgundy style. Domaine Michel Gros is located in Vosne-Romanée, one of the most prestigious villages on the Côte d’Or. The domaine has been the sole owner of the Vosne-Romanée premier cru Clos des Réas for the past century and a half. But...
by Ola Bergman

Domaine Anne Gros
Domaine Anne Gros

Sweet revenge

In the late 1980’s Domaine François Gros was going downhill. Due to illness quality suffered badly and most of the wine was sold off in bulk. It was under these circumstances that Anne Gros took on the family domaine. Today she is one of the major players in Burgundy and recently she has branched out...

by Ola Bergman

Domaine Bonneau de Martray
Domaine Bonneau du Martray

Vintage character and continuity

Domaine Bonneau du Martray has a history that goes way back, but it was only in the early 1970’s that the domaine began to bottle its own wine. Since then Bonneau du Martray has become synonymous with Corton-Charlemagne. Since 1994 Jean-Charles le Bault de la Morinière has been...
by Ola Bergman


Domaine de Villaine
Domaine de Villaine

Not your average winegrower

Pierre de Benoist at Domaine de Villaine is not your average Burgundian winegrower. In his world the aligoté grape rules, not the chardonnay and the pinot as elsewhere in Burgundy.

– The chardonnay is not my reference. The aligoté is.

by Ola Bergman


Domaine Bersan
Domaine Jean-Louis & Jean-Christophe Bersan

Six different grape varieties

While most producers in Burgundy use one or two grape varieties Domaine Bersan in Saint-Bris le Vineux is different. On their 20 hectares of vines Jean-Louis and Jean-Christophe Bersan, father and son, have six different grape varieties.

– It’s great for us, says Jean-Christophe...

by Ola Bergman