o matter what your business is, it is important to target your audience properly. For instance, if you are a specialist car manufacturer, you don't want to waste advertising money on the Music Television Network. Paying to reach people that are not interested in what you have is not the ideal way to spend your budget.

Bergman's Bourgogne is a website dedicated to Burgundy. 12 000 readers a month is not much compared to some of the giant websites out there. But the target audience of Bergman's Bourgogne is well defined – the people visting the website have one thing in common; a strong interest in all those things Burgundy has to offer. People planning a trip to the region come here to look for tips on wine, restaurants, accomodation etc.

People throughout the world who buy and enjoy Burgundian products – wine, cheese etc – come here to find out more about them.

In other words, advertising on Bergman's Bourgogne gives you access to an audience with a particular interest in Burgundy. Globally the distribution of readers looks like this – 40% in USA and Canada, 38% in Europe (France 7%, United Kingdom 7%, Sweden 6%, the Netherlands 5%, Belgium 5%) and 22% in the rest of the world (Japan 5%, South Korea 2%, China 6%, South America 5%, Australia and New Zealand 4%).

Why the Internet?

In rich countries the Internet is claiming a growing share of advertising – at the expense of traditional media, such as TV and print. Some of the great advantages of the Internet are that it has no boundaries and can be accessed in a matter of seconds. You can enter new markets all over the world with minimal costs; you can reach customers all over the world; and the web allows you to market your products or services to your clients or potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Notice in the table below that the Internet is the only medium that:

– offers global exposure
– is available 24-hours a day
– offers low cost updates
– reaches your target audience

Prices and sizes

Advertising space is available in the right column of all pages on Bergman's Bourgogne.
Standard sizes (see below): 234 x 60 pixels, 125 x 125 pixels, 250 x 250 pixels, 728 x 90 pixels and 300 x 250 pixels.

Design/creation of buttons, banners and skyscrapers is available at 120€/hour (ex. VAT).

  1 month 3 months 6 months
Size: 234 x 60 € 60 € 162 € 270
Size: 125 x 125 € 67 € 181 € 302
Size: 250 x 250 € 214 € 578 € 963
Size: 728 x 90 € 224 € 605 € 1008
Size: 300 x 250 € 257 € 694 € 1157